Conservation project Arfi

<strong>Naturschutzprojekt Arfi<strong>

SuddenRush devotes its main attention to the development of products that have a positive impact on social and ecological conditions. We feel obliged to exemplify the change that we would like to see on this planet and launched the SuddenRush Guarana project with the primary goal of addressing and protecting the Atlantic rainforest. The sale of SuddenRush guarana shots is intended to generate funds that will also be used to protect and preserve the Atlantic rainforest in the south of the Bahia of Brazil. Because guarana only grows in the South American rainforest and only thrives in an intact environment. At least 10% of the profit goes to the Brazilian NGO ‹Atlantic Rainforest Institution / ARFI›.

The "Atlantic Rainforest Institution / ARFI" is a Brazilian non-governmental organization with a commercial register entry. It was founded on June 5th, 2005 in Ilheus / BA / Brazil. The first goal of the ARFI is the purchase and thus the protection of an intact rainforest plot of 700,000m2 in the south of Bahia. 99% of this area is placed under nature protection. With your help, a nature clinic is to be built on one percent of this parcel, i.e. on 7000m2.

In this clinic, veterinarians from all over the world will primarily take care of the endemic and endangered ringed sloths and golden lion tamarins. In the planned visitor center of the Nature Clinic, children and young people will be trained about biodiversity and the Atlantic rainforest. Visitors from all over the world get to know and appreciate the capital of this region on a walkable adventure trail. Our nature clinic should serve as the basis for realizing further projects on site in terms of rainforest and species protection.