Cirque Series at Edelberg on 24th of September!

<strong>Cirque Series am Engelberg am 24. September!<strong>
The Cirque Series is one of the most popular mountain running series in the USA and has helped redefine the sport.

The event, which brings together professional athletes, amateurs as well as complete running beginners, is coming to the Swiss Alps for the first time this year and we will be a part of it!

In terms of elevation gain, there is hardly a tougher trail race. The course is "only" 15 km long and is therefore also suitable for beginners as a start, but you should not be deceived by this. Professionals run here on time.

Overall, however, about 70% of all Cirque Series participants compete in the beginner/advanced category.

The Cirque Series is known for bringing runners, volunteers and locals together after the race at a live event with good music, food and drinks.

And here's where we come in for the shot, too, as you'll be treated to plenty of shots, goodie bags and good cheer in our usual fashion

Don't make any plans for 9/24, because whether you want to run up front, take on a new challenge, or just have a relaxing afternoon of music and fun - this short but intense trail race will give you everything you've got. Come to Engelberg in the fall of 2022 and experience the Cirque Series for the first time in Switzerland.