For everyone who loves something special - SuddenRush yoghurt Ice!

<strong>Für alle die das besondere lieben - SuddenRush Joghurteis!<strong>

The last days and weeks have been some of the hottest of this year. Of course, this also increased our need for a fresh dip.

Our team at SuddenRush came up with an extremely good idea! Yoghurt cream with SuddenRush - a taste sensation madness.

What do you need for that? There are no limits to your imagination! Whether it's the passion fruit, a fruity mango or fresh raspberries, you can mix any fruit that comes to mind here. We have already tested a bit in advance for you and can recommend the combination of raspberries and our SuddenRush X-Strong as our personal highlight. How it works? - Simply put the desired amount of yoghurt in a bowl or a mixer, then mix in half an ampoule of X-Strong and top with fresh raspberries - after mixing, just pour the whole thing into an ice pan and put it in the refrigerator. Your summer taste experience is ready