SuddenRush founder in the Brazilian rainforest

<Strong>SuddenRush Gründer im Brasilianischen Regenwald<strong>
Ernst Götsch discovered his passion for agricultural aspects at the age of 3 when he planted radishes in the backyard of his parents' house.
65 years later, his approach is still the same: planting, observing, testing and developing. As early as when he was working on the genetic improvement of forage plants at the agricultural research institute in Zurich-Reckenholz, Ernst Götsch began to question the conventional way of agriculture. He wondered what if the conditions given to plants were improved instead of trying to find genetic traits in them that would enable them to better endure our abuse.
Following this motto, Götsch successfully applied his cultivation methods in an unfamiliar ecosystem under different climatic conditions. He reinvented regenerative agriculture! His credo is syntropy - diversity in harmony with nature. He soon realized that his methods and principles can be applied to different biomes or soil and climatic conditions. In 1982 Ernst Götsch moved to Brazil. More than 30 years have passed since then. Through own work and without consumption of resources, a blooming food forest with 14 year-round flowing water sources has been created on dry and degraded pastureland. If you ask the residents in the region about rain, the answer is:
“It always rains at the gringo”.

We too were allowed to spend a while with Ernst and convince ourselves of his workshop and his methods . The greatest lesson we can draw from this is that keeping the soil healthy is the most important thing this generation has to do!
Our founder Chris Bachmann had the following to say about the workshop: In the 10 days rainforest camp with Ernst I have learned more useful things for a happy simple life in harmony with mother earth than
learned during all my school days. Grande Ernst - Obrigado for sharing your outstanding wisdom with us !!

You can also convince yourself of the methods of Ernst Götsch. Have a look at his website! You can find him at