Tired and listless?

Tired & listless? We deliver natural energy for up to 6 hours

The best-known use of guarana (Paullinia cupana) is by far as an energy supplier and stimulant.

The guarana seeds are considered to be the most powerful natural source of caffeine.

  • With up to 8%, the caffeine content of guarana seeds is around three times higher than that of coffee beans In contrast to coffee and energy drinks.
  • Guarana does not make you nervous and avoids stomach upsets
  • The caffeine from guarana is bound to tannins and fibers and is therefore only slowly released into the body. This enables the long-lasting release of energy for up to 6 hours - in complete contrast to the brief energy crash that you experience with coffee and classic energy drinks.span>
  • Guarana also contains the alkaloids theobromine and theophylline, which are considered natural stimulants

Award-winning nutrition expert Dr. In 2008, Carrie Ruxton PhD published ate im Jahr 2008 eine summary of 41 human studies confirming the following effects of guarana

  • Increase in physical endurance
  • Increase in vigilance and alertness
  • Reduction in perceived fatigueness

The graph illustrates the concentration of natural guarana caffeine compared to coffee and energy drinks.

 The strongest natural energy shot on the market, Caffeine comparison to coffee and energy drinks

The duration of the effect compared to coffee and energy drinks is shown in the following graphic.

SuddenRush Guarana, Duration of action compared to coffee and energy drinks