Aging & weight loss process

Nowadays it is estimated that one in four Germans is prone to obesity. This can lead to further complications such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes or even cancer. In a study it was confirmed that guarana has properties that can contribute to weight loss by ensuring that the metabolism is boosted by an average of 3-11%.

Dr. Bortolin and his team at the Rio Grande do Sul Federal University in Porto Alegre, Brazil,examined guarana regarding obesity in 2019. Guarana supplementation reduced obesity, insulin resistance, and adipokine dysregulation. In summary, guarana is an attractive, potential therapeutic method for treating obesity.

Guarana helps you lose weight

Many ingredients of the plant make dieting easier by having a wide variety of effects on your body::

  • Guarana minimizes the feeling of hunger, stimulates the metabolism and thus boosts fat burnin
  • The fiber in guarana fills you up and ensures regular digestion
  • Another important ingredient in guarana are tannins which have a strong draining effect. Slag and toxins are transported out of the body
  • As is known, the best way to achieve your dream figure is a combination of a balanced diet and exercise. Guarana has a supportive effect, especially if guarana is taken in moderation and with sufficient liquid

Anti-aging miracle weapon ?

Guarana is enjoying growing popularity as a remedy against the signs of aging::

  • Guarana promotes blood circulation and has a revitalizing and firming effect on skin cells. According to field reports, wrinkles, weak connective tissue and cellulite can be reduced
  • The caffeine content supports the blood circulation in the skin
  • Due to its powerful antioxidant and antimicrobial properties, guarana slows down cell aging