Questions & Answers
How long does SuddenRush last and how do I have to store it?

The guarana shot is stable for two years. The expiry date you find on each ampoule. Storage at room temperature is recommended.

How often and in what dosage can I take SuddenRush?

Guarana should be consumed depending on the body type and personal tolerance. A caffeine intake of max. 400 mg, i.e. 2 X-Strong Shots recommended per day.

Are side effects or drug interactions known?

The natural energy shot is free of irritants and after more than a decade on the market, no side effects or drug interactions are known - pure nature!

Where is SuddenRush produced?

The guarana is harvested by the Sateré-Mawé people in Brazil and then processed in Switzerland under strict hygiene and quality standards (ISO-certified).

Why isn't the taste sweet?

The dominant taste is guarana, a natural extract that we mix with natural flavors such as raspberry, caramel or passion fruit. We leave the guarana as untouched as possible to preserve all of its qualities, and we only add additional natural flavors to soften its bitterness. After taking it several times you will love the guarana taste!

How does SuddenRush differ from other energy drinks?

Only natural ingredients are used. In contrast to many products on the market, artificial sweeteners, synthetic caffeine or artificial flavors are completely dispensed with. Indeed, the green shot is a fully organic certified product.

What are the differences to coffee?

One of the main advantages of guarana over coffee is the duration of the stimulation. Guarana is slowly absorbed by the body. This leads to a long-lasting release of energy for hours - a big contrast to the rapid intoxication and crash that one experiences with coffee. Guarana not only contains higher amounts of caffeine than coffee, but also other alkaloids and fats that suppress hunger and thirst. This is one of the reasons why guarana is widely used in weight loss programs.

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