Our highly concentrated and healthy drinking ampoules are based on pure and natural guarana. The increase energy and concentration level immensely over several hours. Our Suddenrush Guarana shots come in three flavours, which differ in taste (raspberry, caramel, passionfruit) and strength (X-Strong = 200mg Koffein, Strong = 165mg Koffein, Bio-Medium = 110mg Koffein). The graphics show ingredients and nutritional values.

SuddenRush Guarana X-Strong, Himbeer, 200mg Koffein, Maca

SuddenRush Guarana, Strong, Karamel, 165mg Koffein

SuddenRush Guarana, Bio-Medium, Passionsfrucht, 110mg Koffein
SuddenRush Guarana, Shots, Nährwerte, Nährwerttabelle, Bio-Medium, Strong, X-Strong, Natürliche Energie, Koffein


Guarana (paulina cupana) is a climbing plant that only grows in the rainforests of South America. The natives consider it as an “Elixir of Youth” and compare it to the value of gold.

This is because the Guarana bean holds more natural caffeine than any other plant. Contrary to coffee or other synthetic caffeine, found in energy drinks, Guarana is free of irritants. The energy is gently released to the body over many hours, which is why our Guarana Shot is a healthy alternative also for those unable to drink coffee due to medical reasons. Guarana also contains over 20 positive active substances. The graph illustrates the concentration of natural guarana caffeine compared to coffee and energy drinks.

Der stärkste natürliche Energy-Shot am Markt, Koffein-Vergleich zu Kaffee und Energy-Drinks


Thanks to the handy vial format, the SuddenRush Guarana-Shot fits easily in any pant or jacket pocket. You can drink the thick fluid directly out of the vial or mix it with fruit juice or milk-based drinks. To profit the most for the performance enhancing effect of the Guarana, you should consume the SuddenRush Guarana-Shot 30 minutes before your meeting, sport activity, study marathon, car drive or other activities that require that extra kick of concentration and energy.

1, 2, 3… Ready for a new taste?

1. During the first try you will notice the particularly strong taste. Since we only use natural additives, the bitter note cannot be avoided, but don't worry: The espresso tastes quite bitter the first time, doesn't it?
2. After a few minutes you will begin to notice an effect.
3. Over time you will start loving the strong Guarana taste.


A study by Meyer & Ball (2005) from the University of Tasmania (AUS) showed that Guarana delivered significantly more increase in concentration and wakefulness to sest subjects, compared to coffee. Different to coffee or Energy Drinks, our Guarana-Shot doesn’t release all the energy immediately, but slowly increases the release after 20 minutes and still has a healthy and natural effect hours (4-6hrs) after the effect of Coffee, Energy Drinks & Co (1-2hrs) has deteriorated. The test subjects in the study still profited from the effect of the Guarana after two and half hours.The following graphic shows the duration of action compared to coffee and energy drinks.

SuddenRush Guarana, Wirkungsdauer im Vergleich zu Kaffee und Energy-Drinks


Our BPA-free polyethylene (PE) ampoules are made from over 95% recyclable goods.

Our producer attaches importance to the fact that the ampoules are manufactured, packaged and delivered in a sustainable and environmentally friendly working space in order to improve environmental performance and quality.

The energy management system according to DIN ISO 50001 has been used since 2013 and an energy-saving overall concept for air conditioning, RWA and daylight technology as well as heat recovery has been implemented. That means in detail.

  • Co2-free heating technology (no fossil fuels) & LED lighting in the production facilities
  • Conversion to electrical, energy-saving production and metalworking machines
  • Environmentally friendly ventilation systems
  • Optimization of the compressor environment
  • Renewal of the material conveyor system
  • Continuous improvement of building insulation

Overall, PE consumes the least amount of energy in terms of production, transport and sales of all possible types of packaging and is therefore currently the best in terms of energy balance from an ecological point of view.

Nevertheless, we are constantly looking for new packaging options to further minimize our ecological footprint.


Our SuddenRush shots are made in Switzerland. The production company, which has specialized in the production of fresh and liquid food for around 40 years, works on the basis of a sound quality management system and is certified according to the FSSC standard.
SuddenRush Guarana, Made in Switzerland, Hoche Qualität, Bio-und vegan zertifiziert

Areas of application

The plant became famous worldwide for its stimulating and revitalizing effect, which makes it an ideal alternative to other energizer as tea or coffee. Due to the more than 20 great ingredients, the consumption of guarana has a positive effect on lifestyle in various areas.