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The Dozen Mixed
(12 ampoules)

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24 Shots per Display - 4 x Medium, 4 x Strong, 4 x X-Strong / 11ml contains 200mg caffeine of guarana + the power of maca (1840mg/100ml) Ingredients: Water, sugar, guarana extract 15%, Maca extract 4%, aromatic, citric acid.

The SuddenRush Guarana “Bio Energy Shot / medium - green” is fruity and exotic in taste. The ready-to-drink organic guarana shot is perfect for breakfast or for a healthy boost of energy in between. It contains 110mg of pure and natural guarana caffeine per ampoule. All ingredients are certified organic (CH-038). Ideal for people who don’t drink or tolerate coffee. Consume half an hour before the yoga lesson, it works wonders! 34 kcal per ampoule.

SuddenRush Guarana “Natural Energy Shot / Strong - brown” is a liquid natural energy dose, based on a high proportion of guarana with a caramel flavor. The drinking ampoule contains 165mg of pure and natural guarana caffeine. This shot gives the body the extra energy to perform at peak performance for 4-6 hours. It has its greatest impact at work, during strict examination phases and in sports. Take half an hour before the next training / competition, presentation, exam, important meetings or just a heavy lunch. .

SuddenRush Guarana “Natural Energy Shot/X-strong” is a liquid and natural energy dose, based on a very high proportion of guarana with a raspberry taste. The drinking ampoule contains 200mg of pure guarana caffeine. The X-Strong-Shot is now enriched with Maca, since Maca forms a wonderful symbiosis with Guarana. This makes it the highest-dose natural guarana shot available. It is ideal as a healthy kick starter for the day, for concentrated work at night, long car trips and hard training. Consumed half an hour before the next competition, it can work wonders. The guarana caffeine is very digestible and is given to the body gently and over a long period of time. The little helper in pocket size with a big impact, even if it is later than expected! 32 kcal per ampoule.