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The Refill Medium (green)
(100, 250, 500 ampoules)

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1 Shot / 11ml contains 110 mg caffeine of Guarana (1000mg/100ml) Ingredients: Water, cane sugar*, guarana extract 8%*, passion fruit concentrate*, citric acid*
* = organic raw materials – CH-038

The SuddenRush Guarana “Bio Energy Shot / medium” is fruity and exotic in taste. The ready-to-drink organic guarana shot is perfect for breakfast or for a healthy boost of energy in between. It contains 110mg of pure and natural guarana caffeine per ampoule. All ingredients are certified organic (CH-038). Ideal for people who don’t drink or tolerate coffee. Consume half an hour before the yoga lesson, it works wonders! 34 kcal per ampoule.