5 reasons, why you shouldn't do without Guarana

<strong>5 Gründe warum man auf Guarana nicht verzichten sollte<strong>
  1. Guarana works as an aphrodisiac

The caffeine of the guarana fruit expands the innate, libido, stimulating properties. Regular consumption can therefore lead to an improvement in one's own sex life.

  1. Painkillers free of artificial content

It is well known that the better the blood circulation, the less pain there is in an injury. The caffeine in guarana stimulates blood circulation and thus supports this effect. It works like a pain reliever and can therefore help with headaches or migraines

  1. Helps with menstrual problems

Guarana can help women replenish their energy reserves. The fruit regulates the cycles and can aid in the elimination of premenstrual symptoms.

  1. Can help with ketosis

Getting into ketosis means that your body no longer gets energy from carbohydrates, but only from fat. The caffeine contained in guarana seeds induces lipolysis and stimulates the nervous system.

In what is known as lipolysis, fats are spatulated in the adipose tissue. The resulting fatty acids are released into the blood. These are absorbed by the liver and used to form ketone bodies. It is well known that these are the fastest and most stable sources of energy for your brain.

  1. Natural anti-stress agent

A study by the University of Cardiff in Wales was able to prove the effect as an anti-stress agent. The subjects of this study were asked about their mood after taking the guarana and this improved significantly. This is because caffeine stops the body's own messenger substance adenosine from working. The adenosine is responsible for the resting phase of the brain cells and prevents the happiness hormone serotonin from having an effect.

Because caffeine counteracts adenosine, the absorption of serotonin is promoted and thus the mood is raised