The Satere Mawe, the "discoverers" of guarana

Ureinwohner mit Pfeil und Bogen

The Satere Mawe are an indigenous people from the Amazon. You are also known as the founder of the Guarana culture. It is thanks to the Mawe that the energy-giving product “Guaraná” is known and appreciated all over the world, because they domesticated the wild liana and invented a process for using this plant

The people themselves call themselves Satere Mawe, where Satere can be translated as fire caterpillar, and Mawe stands for "intelligent and curious parrot". The Mawe's standard of living is based on agriculture, in which the guaraná plantations and their cassava fields occupy a special position. In addition to their arable farming skills, the Mawe are also known for being good hunters and gatherers.

As the discoverers of the Guaraná culture, the Sateré-Mawé transformed this climbing plant from the Sapindaceae family, which grows in the rainforest, into cultivated bushes, which they regularly plant, care for and harvest.