Perfect weather, fun in the snow and lots of happy faces!

<strong>Perfektes Wetter, Spaß im Schnee und jede Menge glückliche Gesichter!<strong>

One could not have imagined it better: The twelfth edition of the SuddenRush Stubai Premiere, which took place from 5 to 7 November 2021 on the Stubai Glacier, was a complete success. Blue skies, bright sunshine and lots of fresh snow ensured that the guests could enjoy the event, which is considered one of the largest snowpark openings in the Alps, to the fullest on this all-round successful weekend.

SuddenRush Guarana Kicker Stubai Gletscher Snowpark Opening

On the weekend, which attracted more than 20,000 guests to the Stubai Glacier, not only many happy, but also a lot of familiar faces were to be seen. True to the motto "test hardcore", the guests in the Brandsaloon had the opportunity to try out the new product highlights of the most popular brands from the snowboard and freeski industry. Our SuddenRush Shots were also very popular. The whole thing was rounded off by DJ Kidd Salute, who provided a musical atmosphere of the extra class.

SuddenRush Guarana Stubai Premiere 2021 Brandsaloon Test Area Free Guarana Samples
SuddenRush Guarana Promotion Free Shots Stubai Premiere 2021

In addition to the perfectly shaped park, the new jib line of the snow park, which was duly inaugurated, was also convincing. Numerous guests and stars of the snowboard and freeski elite celebrated the long-awaited opening. For example, world champion and Olympic champion Anna Gasser, Ståle Sandbech, Sven Thorgren, Marcus Kleveland, Marko Grilc and Olympic champion Jamie Anderson were there.

SuddenRush Guarana Stubai Premiere 2021 Snowpark Gletscher Stubai Zoo Overview

Fun & excitement at side events

Testing the latest product highlights in the Brandsaloon, riding in the perfectly shaped park and on top action-packed side events: That was the SuddenRush Stubai Premiere 2021. With the coaches Vanessa Spremberg and Nadja Flemming, the ten participants of the Shred Unit Girls Snowboard Coaching got their money's worth: They received valuable tips and were able to improve their skills on the slopes and the rails. At the battles of the DC Trick Lottery, the prize money of € 3,500 was brought among the 40 shredders, which included well-known names such as Silvia Mittermüller, Yuka Fujimori, Kasper de Zoete and of course the DC team riders Sebbe de Buck, Niklas Huber, Fabian Wolfsgruber and Michael Kirsch.

SuddenRush Guarana Stubai Premiere 2021 DC Snowboarding Trick Lottery

Of course, the classic among the side events could not be missing. At the Jib the Lip by Lib Tech session, host Henry Jackson and the guys from Lib Tech in their banana costumes rewarded the best tricks about the Double Kinked Tank in the new Jibline with goodies. In addition, there were two snowboards from Lib Tech to win in a Best Trick Challenge. And also for freeskiers a lot was offered. At the SuddenRush Freeski Coaching with Lukas Harzheim, the participants got the chance to take their skills to the next level and learn new tricks in perfect weather.

SuddenRush Guarana Stubai Premiere 2021 Lib Technologies Snowboard Session Best Trick

We are already looking forward to the next issue in November 2022.