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Until 2004, Guarana was on the doping list because of its performance-enhancing effect. In addition to caffeine, guarana contains other active ingredients that have a positive effect on athletes' performance, especially in sports with short-term pressure to perform, as well as in endurance sports.

A decrease in performance during exercise is thus counteracted. In addition, Guarana can increase the ability to concentrate so that the sporting challenges can be mastered more precisely and technically correctly.

A study by Williams MH. from 1998 showed that caffeine affects the central nervous system and adipose tissue, thereby improving mental health and fatty acid oxidation. Another study by Dr. Espinola (1997) proved that under stressful conditions, physical performance could be increased significantly by taking guarana, whereas consuming coffee or ginseng was not accompanied by an increase in physical performance.

In his 2019 study, the American J. Pomportes examined the effects of guarana on cognitive performance, perceived exertion and shooting performance in sport shooters. The results highlight the beneficial effects of guarana on information processing speed and perceived exertion. This conclusion is particularly interesting because fast decision-making processes are critical to the performance of many sports.

Commitment to clean sport

Our SuddenRush X-Strong raspberry product is regularly tested for selected doping substances.

The market for food supplements (NEM) is very dynamic and heterogeneous. When manufacturing food supplements, doping substances can unintentionally get into the products due to errors in the production process or they are added by the manufacturer as part of deliberate manipulation. Even if only a relatively small proportion of the products is affected (see IOC study 2004), this represents an enormous risk for athletes and can discredit the entire food supplements industry.

In order to increase the safety for the athletes and companies, we have our SuddenRush X-Strong tested annually. The necessary laboratory analysis of the SuddenRush X-Strong for anabolic-androgenic steroids and stimulants was carried out on July 13th, 2020 without any complaints.

More information can be foundhere.

SuddenRush and elitesport

Because of its invigorating, performance-enhancing and appetite-suppressing effect, amateurs and professionals from countless areas (soccer, basketball, football, cycling, motor sports, curling, cross-country skiing, biathlon, triathlon, fitness, etc.) in particular rely on natural power.