Power for the older generation !

Do you suffer from listlessness, tiredness, poor concentration or forgetfulness in old age?

The little pick-me-up, with a big effect, has been delighting young sports and party people for years. The healthy guarana shot has been sold nationwide in pharmacies in Switzerland for two years and is now also developing its full potential with the older generation.

Due to the positive experiences with seniors who suffer from diseases such as dementia, Parkinson's and cognitive disorders, an application observation was commissioned in order to document the positive effect on psychological well-being, the coordination of movement sequences, tremors, rigors, etc. in the long term . In addition, knowledge about the long-term effects of taking SuddenRush should be gained.

Although the AO is still running, the following claims have emerged from the standardized questionnaires and the feedback from both the participants and the relatives or supervisors:

  • No side effects or negative interactions with ingested medication
  • The effect of Guarana is particularly impressive in Parkinson's subjects. During the observation phase so far, they described that they could cope better with their day through increased drive, reduced fatigue and fewer physical symptoms and that they were able to sleep much better thanks to daily physical activity
  • In the case of people with dementia, the concentration-increasing effect is particularly noticeable
  • All test subjects confirm a higher positive attitude towards life

„Because of my illness, I always feel so limp and listless. With SuddenRush I just get through the day better.“
Manfred, 81 years old, developed Parkinson's disease 5 years ago.