SuddenRush awakes happiness!

Herbal antidepressants such as guarana are now considered natural mood enhancers that can alleviate depressive moods. While guarana has been prescribed as a light antidepressant in Brazil for decades, the plant from the Atlantic rainforest is also enjoying increasing popularity in Europe as a "good mood supplier", as the double-blind study by Dr. Haskell from Newcastle University in 2006 confirmed.

Well-known Professor Adrew Scholey, director of the Center for Human Psychopharmacology in Melbourne, who has been researching the human brain and behavioral effects for years, also came to the conclusion in his 2013study that guarana has a positive effect on mood.

The reason for the mood-enhancing effect is that, among other things, the guarana caffeine inhibits the body's own messenger substance adenosine. Adenosine, in turn, blocks the release of activating neurotransmitters - such as the happiness hormones dopamine and serotonin. Therefore, the caffeine contained in guarana can ensure that our body can absorb more serotonin.

Likewise, guarana has already been used as a remedy for burnout symptoms, which are often associated with depression.