The highly concentrated and healthy drinking ampoules contain pure and natural guarana (natural caffeine). The effect of guarana begins after about 20 minutes, builds up slowly and then lasts for 4-6 hours, while the drop in performance occurs rapidly with coffee and energy drinks.

The little pick-me-up has had a great impact on the young sports and party people for many years. But it is also developing more and more its full potential in the business sector and among the older generation.

Here you some experience reports:

"Because I have a noticable positive energy"
Andri, 21, Freeski World Cup overall winner

"If the night has taken longer again, I take a SuddenRush X-Strong against my hangover and am fit for work"
Hannes, 34 years, management consultant

“Because of my illness, I always feel so limp and unpowered. With SuddenRush I just get better through the day”
Günther, 77 years, 6 years Parkinson's diagnosis

"I ´m unable to tolerate coffee, so I'm happy with the natural energy of SuddenRush Guarana. And all this without side effects”
Margit, mother & housewife, 47 years old

“Long operations require extreme ability to concentrate and physical endurance. I had the best experience with SuddenRush ”
Gaudenz, 59 years old, surgeon

By taking SuddenRush I move a lot more throughout the day and therefore have less pain in my back, legs and hips"
Luis, 72, osteoporosis

“My professional activity involves a lot of trips and meetings. What I appreciate about the natural energy shot is the power that I can time myself by taking it”
Steffi, 45, marketing consultant

“In the long healing process, I had to struggle with fatigue and lack of drive. The daily intake of guarana has greatly improved my general attitude to life”
Wolfgang, 33, glandular fever

"I don't like energy drinks, but SuddenRush Bio naturally keeps me going!"
Recha, 28, blogger & fitness consultant

"Due to my lack of drive and fatigue, I broke off many social contacts. Thanks to SuddenRush, I take part in life again"
Ingrid 75 years

"Before SuddenRush I was often suprised of tiredness, now i surprise my tiredness with SuddenRush Strong"
Walter 81 years

"The first time that I feel positive & creative energy from an energy drink. At first the taste took getting used to , but now I love SuddenRush"
Sabrina 24 years, telecommunications