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The Refill Strong (brown)
(100, 250, 500 ampoules)

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1 Shot / 11ml contains 165mg caffeine of guarana (1500mg/100ml) Ingredients: Water, sugar, fructose, guarana extract 12,5%, aromatics, citric acid.

SuddenRush Guarana “Natural Energy Shot / Strong” is a liquid natural energy dose, based on a high proportion of guarana with a caramel flavor. The drinking ampoule contains 165mg of pure and natural guarana caffeine. This shot gives the body the extra energy to perform at peak performance for 4-6 hours. It has its greatest impact at work, during strict examination phases and in sports. Take half an hour before the next training / competition, presentation, exam, important meetings or just after a heavy lunch. 34 kcal per ampoule.